Unique2Chic - Film Wedding Photography


Chic. Bright. Crisp. Clean. Modern. Unique. These are the words typically used to describe this international wedding photographer. The couples that hire Unique2Chic Photography are looking for a photographer that is very personable and enjoyable to be around, in addition to capturing all of the little details during their big day. Each wedding is treated with care and creativity, making Unique2Chic a highly recommended wedding photographer. This year they have weddings in Atlanta GA, Cleveland OH, DMV, and St Thomas just to name a few. 

From Liz: As a lifestyle photographer, what I’m hoping to capture is life long memories of love from the present to remind you of those most precious moments. I’m looking for those moments when something funny happens, when he whispers in your ear making you blush, or mom brushing the hair out of her daughter’s face. Lifestyle photography is free-flowing and fun. It captures motion and emotion, the true spirit of your family, the inside jokes, and the hidden moments you thought no one saw. Those are the moments that we love to experience but rarely get pictures of, and I want to capture that for you. Imagine the stories your images will be able to tell one day.