Stephanie Gundy


Stephanie Gundy, life-cycle celebrant, says, “I love weddings! I love the happy celebration of love. The pretty clothes, the togetherness of family and friends. I love the venues. I love to remind people how special and how beautiful they are, even with their imperfections and fears. I love the honesty and vulnerability of emotions. I love to be a part of such a sacred event and to assist in creating it … it truly lights me up! I love my couples and that they share their love stories with me so I may share them with others. To be part of such a glorious event is a blessing and an honor that fills me with such joy and gratitude.”

A Celebrant ceremony is always meaningful, personal, and uniquely special. It is your love story wrapped up with readings and rituals and symbolism and tied with a lovely bow of all that makes up a wedding ceremony (the asking, vows, exchange of rings, and declaration of marriage).

Stephanie’s gift to you is non-traditional/traditional as you wish. It is short and sweet, lighthearted, romantic, humorous … and it is always filled with love.