Dough Heads Waffles

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salty – meaty – cheesy – sweet – crunchy – veggie – local —home to the only stuffed waffle.

Dough Heads Waffles will revolutionize your idea of what a true waffle is. The belgian sugar dough is filled with pearl sugar balls. Then they are cooked at the perfect temperature on heavy 40 lb cast iron plates which caramelizes the sugar balls on the outside for a delicate crunch, while staying moist and soft on the inside.

They are also the only waffle company who sells a pretzel waffle. Sprinkled with sea salt or brown sugar cinnamon and then packed full of stuffings! Pretzels for life!

The waffle dough and almost all the stuffings are made from scratch and whole ingredients so they will be a fresh, delicious, and healthy as possible! Grab your samples and start planning your wedding dinners or late night snacks at BTB!