The Creators

We’re Taryn & Lauren, creators of Behind the Bash. If you don’t already know us from the PA wedding scene, here’s some details:

We’ve been planning events for over 10 years. That’s 250+ newlyweds walking down the aisle. 

Our lives are immersed in everything wedding: researching, planning, fixing, DIY’ing, coordinating – you name it, we’ve done it.

We’ve attended wedding shows – both as vendors and as a bride. We didn’t enjoy it. So we set out to change it.  

Couples want a wedding that feels personal. One that feels authentic. A wedding that tells their story. We love helping to make that happen. 

Lucky for them, our area is full of vendors who want to do this too. Lucky for us, those vendors were also looking for a show that understands the 21st century of wedding planning.

Over a few craft beers, Behind the Bash was born. It wasn’t long before our Friendor list started filling up. We can’t wait to meet more awesome couples looking to tell a great wedding story. 

We’ll see you at Behind the Bash!